Little Gems

A few pages from my latest art journal, called Little Gems.  The pages are different widths, as will become more obvious as I post additional images next week.  Among other things I've been using some of the tiny 3x3 inch collages I did in 2010 as focal points...recycling my own art.

These pages are different for me from my earlier art journaling.  I'm not sure I can say exactly what's different about them and they may not look any different to you, but they are.  I'm sure it's a creative development kind of thing.  I'm planning to take a couple of art journaling online classes in the near future, one at a time, from Kelly Kilmer and Dina Wakely.  I love both their work and am looking forward to learning journaling techniques from them.
I'm also planning to take a collage painting class sometime from Jane Davies, another artist whose work I adore.  And in October I'll be taking India Flint's Wayfarer's Wanderbook workshop at Eugene Textile Center in Eugene, OR.  Very much looking forward to meeting India in the flesh and working with her for a couple days.


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