Snapshots From Paradise

The cat in this photo is my beloved Pippin, who reigned in my household from 1983 until her passing in early 1996.  Monet, I'm sure, you'll recognize.

This kitty is Grayson, another beloved and my first male cat.  He manifested himself from over Pippin's grave about a month after she passed.  He totally fell in love with Aja, the ginger kitty behind him in the photo.  Aja and Pippin overlapped in my life although they were ten years apart in age.  Aja passed in 2005 and Grayson left this life in 2006.  Aja and Grayson both overlapped with BeeGee for a year.  He's The One in my life, now.

Note to photo above:  About half of the artwork in this image is NOT mine, I make no claim to it.  They are the magazine photos, a copy of a magazine page and a cut-out kitty card.


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