Still Life with Art Supplies

Apropos of nothing I took a few still life photos yesterday in my studio.  I don't have a kitchen table or a nice place to photograph lovely old tea or coffee implements, and besides, I prepare neither at home in the traditional manner.  My shelves and flat surfaces are filled with books and art supplies and little else.

I'm on a creative role, doing a variety of fun things these days ~ making board covers for the NorBAG Coptic stitch workshop this Saturday (we'll be binding our own copies of NorBAG's 4-volume Compendium of project pages from monthly newsletters)....working daily in my new art journal (having pre-prepared backgrounds does make it a lot easier to fill a page or spread)...received a copy of L.K. Ludwig's Creative Wildfire (purchased used at Amazon -- I have her earlier Mixed Media Nature Journals and it was the latter that got me interested in mixed media years ago; her work stands way above so much of the other work out there these days)...ordered a 2 x 6 foot redwood garden bed to install on my rock lawn, so I can begin growing my own veggies this year -- it will arrive on al.

And I've got a lengthening list of other cool projects I hope to get to soon.  Early spring is definitely in the air, although I'm still wondering whether we'll have a real winter here or not.  Whatever...


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