Suddenly Spring

At NorBAG on Saturday, we bound our own copies of the newsletter project pages, called Compendium.  Each volume consists of 4 signatures of 17 x 11 inch pages.  A new volume is issued every few years.  Mine starts at the beginning and goes through January of this year.  Folks who have been in NorBAG for numerous years might have bound earlier volumes previously.

I used some lovely paper a dear friend sent me, to cover the boards -- the back is wheat as well, although it appears blue in the photo.  The inside covers have Gelli plate prints, I neglected to photograph those.  I used hemp thread for the Coptic stitch binding on the 16 signatures.

On Sunday, not only did we have an extra hour of daylight, but it felt like a fine spring day.  I had all the windows open in Rose Cottage.  My 2 x 6 foot garden bed was delivered...I seated it where I want it and it's ready and waiting for soil and plants.  That will happen this week.  I'm itching to get going.

Here's to a great week for us all.


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