The X Factor

The new-to-me element that was not included in 99% of my previous collages or art journal pages is people.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I used images of people in collages, going back over five years.

Initially my collages focused on the natural environment, and sometimes animals.  After going through every issue of National Geographic from the mid-1980s forward for collage fodder, the spotlight on nature exhausted itself.

From there I gravitated to homes and architectural images largely -- domestic and industrial spaces and cityscapes ~ manmade environments, in short.  I also began to add words here.  (I'm not finished with this series of collages; you'll see more in future.)

My art journal pages began by showcasing things I like as well as design elements.  Now I've begun adding people to some pages, selectively.

Overall I see this as an evolution from the general and impersonal to the specific and more personal aspects of life.  Moving from the outer to the inner, diving more deeply into myself, connecting newly to the social and cultural world.


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