More Oldies But Goodies

I forgot to show you this book when I previously posted images of the old gardening/natural history books in my collection.

This one is The Birds of America by John James Audubon, from 1946.  Large format, every single page has gorgeous color plates on wonderful old paper.  I got this for $.50 at a local thrift shop, thinking I might cut it up for collage fodder.  But I just can't!

Another unusual math-related book from the Bargain Shelf at Eureka Books.  This one is from 1924 and has hand written annotations, sometimes full pages, glued in (see next photo).  Love these old math books.

Here's an odd one, from 1905.  Could have been written in 2005.

NOT GUILTY ~ A Defense of the Bottom Dog.  Read the cover.  
These are the end papers, front and back.  Simply beautiful.


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