Later this week I'll be moving my "everyday journaling" into this new journal, Creative Days.  I made this last August in the class I taught for NorBAG in Arcata.  And I've since titled it and kitted it out to make ready for use.

I've decided not to put dates or annual seasons on the covers of these journals, since they always take me longer to fill than anticipated.

You could say this is the current incarnation of my shabby journal series, begun in Mary Ann Moss's Remains of the Day.  

I still keep a regular writing journal, and have since...I can't remember, actually.  I know I began the enterprise when I was in high school, then took a break before picking up the operation again over 30 years ago. 

I've been pondering how to bring my shabby or junk journal and regular writing journal together.  And I have an idea that's in development.  My plan is to create the hybrid journal and be ready to move into it when Creative Days comes to an end...which should be when I run out of pages in the current writing journal.  Late this year is what I'm anticipating. 


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