Before the Fall

Before the Fall ~ 23 x 26 inches
I finished Before the Fall last night.  The various ecodyed fabrics are all from the same vintage linen tablecloth.  There were oak and eucalyptus leaves in the bundles, along with rust and copper, and possibly some alum in the cooking water.

I love the way the all-over running stitch looks and the texture it gives to quilted cloth.  And then there's that mokume thing that happens to the fabric, running perpendicular to the lines of stitching, giving the quilt a shibori-like finish.  I used a single strand of embroidery floss throughout.

I'm in the development phase of Fiberactions' January 15 challenge, which is to use at least 10 colors in a project.  Planning to do something unusual with scraps of my own surface designed fabrics. 

And I have several book projects waiting in the wings.  And nowhere else I need to be for at least ten days.


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