We Are The World

I made another map book yesterday -- We Are The World -- with seven maps of sections of the world.  Three are below.  The book is 5.25 inches square, and the maps, opened out, are 10 inches square.

I really like this book structure and know it has other uses too, besides featuring maps.  The oldish Rand McNally Atlas I'm using was purchased for a buck during the summer, specifically for bookmaking purposes.  I'll recycle the book board covers at some point as well.

I love looking at maps.  The atlas I regularly use is by National Geographic and although it is a bit dated (from the 1980s, before so many geopolitical changes in eastern Europe and the Balkans), every time I read a novel that takes place in a different part of the world, I get out my atlas and pore over it for a good hour or so.


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