There's Always a Story

This brand new book is bound with the Lightning Bolt stitch (from Keith Smith's Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 2).  I designed the book specifically to showcase the binding stitch.

Isn't this upholstery fabric the best?  When I ordered my pea green couch eight years ago, I had two throw pillows made in this fabric.  And bought an extra yard for who knew what.  I still have the couch and the pillows, of course, and now I've got a book to match!

Almost all the pages are recycled.  Probably 60 percent have been stitched somewhere, horizontally or vertically.
And at least half the pages have fold outs.  Meaning the book is a bit thicker at the edges than it is at the spine.  Oh, and there are just two fat signatures inside.  Finished book is 7.25 inches square.

Sale happening this weekend in my Textile Shop!  Visit the shop for details.  Thanks!


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