Coasting in Neutral

The last of my Fiberactions "neutral" challenges, this 6 x 9.5 inch book is discharged linen with digital images printed on muslin.  The images are paper collages of mine, most were black and white to begin with, two I color-desaturated before printing.

The images are on the front sides of pages, only.  The quilting shows through on the backs.  And I used no interfacing or stiffener (except a wee amount of Mistyfuse to hold the images down before quilting).  So this book is floppy.

It is bound with 2 strands of pearl cotton in a 5-hole pamphlet stitch.  The beads on the ends of the binding thread are labradorite.

Regarding the colophon above, I printed it on the piece of fabric underneath what you see, then quilted over it with the fabric added to the back of the book.  So it was difficult to read.  I reprinted the colophon and fused it over the original.

Each fabric book I've made thus far has been constructed differently, so I can try out materials and methods.

Have a great weekend!


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