300th Post!

This is my 300th post ~ unbelievable! I never thought I'd have so much to say or so many things to share with you all. But like I said shortly after I began blogging, I have been far more productive creatively because of the blog than I would have been, I'm sure, without it!

So here are the results of yesterday's dye session. The color I used was kind of a bronzy green, but turned out a lot browner than I'd imagined. Apparently the red fiber reactive dye was a lot stronger in the mix than the red acid dye was in the original formula for the same color with acid dyes.

This first piece had been underpainted last week, then pole wrapped and shiboried with teal on Wednesday, followed by Thursday's bronze/brown.

Ditto for this piece. What you're looking at are the two opposite diagonal corners of the same piece of fabric, shiboried twice on a pole.

This was a fold 'n dye shibori, with only the bronze dye. It will get another layer or two before completion.

Oh this little piece! I shiboried it last week on a pole with chocolate brown dye, then pole wrapped it again this week and dyed with teal, then folded it and clamped on two washers and dyed it bronze. This piece is only about 9 inches square. It was a leftover from the fabric I used in last week's quilt, Mud Slide.

The last two got their first layer with the bronze dye, but they were wrapped on different size poles. If you look carefully, you can detect a slight variation in the size of the patterns.

Today, after a slow start, I ironed the pieces you see above. Then I took the afternoon off to do paperwork and read. Likely I'll be in the studio for much of the weekend.


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