Rock On!

I spent most of this week doing a different quilt than the one pictured here, and I'll upload that other one tomorrow. This, though, is my weekly quilt, 19/52.2009 ~ "Rock On!" Another digital image along with recently shiboried fabric and commercial batik cotton.

It's been a wonderfully productive week, and I'm not finished yet! I got my new design wall up and covered, did some low water immersion dyeing experiments, made daily collages, started and completed a larger (~17 x 22") quilt (the one I'll upload tomorrow), basted another two 17 x 22" quilts, and have two or three other quilts percolating.

I'm in this space of not letting myself think too much about the quilts that are coming through -- by which I mean, I'm not talking myself out of them or finding reasons why they won't work. Anything goes, in this medium. Often I think I'd like to move in a particular direction, or produce something that is inspired by something I've seen elsewhere, or try things that other artists are doing (although I would never intend to and could never reproduce anyone else's work)...but then what comes out of me is what comes out of me. So I'm trying not to censor myself, if you will.

I have a feeling that what's being created without my overthinking about it is a better representation of my own emerging creative voice than what I might create if I were consciously trying to do something or going for a particular look. Does that make any sense? I hope so ~ it does to me, anyway!


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