A Summer Sale

I'm having a Big Sale! ~ All wearable art listed at my Etsy shop is now on sale at 30 percent off. If you're a regular reader, you know that my focus these days is on studio quilting and art cloth, that I'm no longer weaving (for now, anyway) and no longer producing scarves and shawls. So I decided to put everything that's left on sale. If you contact me through my website for these items, instead of Etsy, the same offer applies.

And for the WOW factor, these four fabrics were part of two shibori batches I did on Saturday. Many of the fabrics I dyed had been handpainted and printed several times each, a number of months ago. I wasn't happy with them, they felt incomplete -- but shibori finished them off!

And my stacks of cool fabric continue to grow!


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