Monday Afternoon

I haven't gotten much done today -- and I'm big on being productive -- but maybe I overdid it this weekend.

Here are photos of my latest woven shibori, painted this weekend. I wove this piece months ago; it's 100% silk...

I'm totally stoked about this piece, the colors are so ME! Here are a few photos of the shibori process:

It's no wonder I'm pooped today -- besides the woven shibori, I also did that extensive dyeing experiment I mentioned last week, the one with four mixed-fiber top samples dyed with both acid and natural dyes. I'm working on spinning up the samples, then I'll post the comparison photos. It was a wonderful experiment and I'm satisfied with the results. Hope you will be, too.

Oh yeah, what I did get done today was to start a new blog! It's called A Crone's Chronicle -- rants and raves of a more personal nature. If you like it, subscribe to it, and let me know what you think. I've been a paper journal writer sporadically since high school (100 years ago!) and pretty religiously for the last 25 years. Don't know whether the Chronicle will replace paper, I still really love the process of hand writing, the ink on paper, seeing the pattern of my words on paper, and especially writing on grid paper. I'm a grid paper freak! Anyway, check it out.


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