Waiting for the Sun

While I await the sun so I can go out in the garden, here's the latest weaving, finished yesterday.

Did I mention how much I love the color green?! If I don't have the color green around me, life feels incomplete. I have a selection of woven pieces in one area of my studio, in cool greens, purples, blues and aquas...and another selection in another area in golds, tans, rusts. And a piece like this new one, here, ties them all together for me.

I love shadow weave, as this piece is, in this case, an undulating shadow weave. I also love undulating patterns that snake across a woven field. Shadow weave is a technique of using two different warp and weft threads, usually one light and the other dark, although I prefer to use two similarly-colored yarns with different finishes, like matte and shiny. The yarns are threaded alternately across the loom -- one light, one dark, and so on. And then the piece is woven with alternate picks (weft threads), one light, one dark, and so on, using two shuttles. So you get these patterns that shadow one another. In this piece I used herb tencel and lizard green mercerized cotton. The result is fascinating.

Regarding the similar colors and different finishes, I usually did the exact same thing with my beaded jewelry -- I used bronze metallic beads with bronze-colored matte finished beads, or luster beads, or translucent beads all in similar colors. But when you held the finished piece up to the light, each type of bead would refract light differently so it would look like transparent areas juxtaposed with opaque or shiny metallic areas. Very engaging to the eye. Visual texture. That's what I'm up to in my work, woven or beaded.


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