Definitely A Spring Day

What a gorgeous day it's been today -- sunny skies, mild breeze, everything budding everywhere. Days like today always fill me with immense joy. I'll be starting in on the garden this weekend -- cutting back lavenders and hydrangeas, mowing the lawn, cleaning things up a bit. There's such promise in the air.

The website is moving along and I'm feeling good about it. I finished a weaving this morning, and after doing the fringe and hand laundering it, I'll post a photo over the weekend. The spinning projects are moving along, as well. I'll have one group of samples finished to photograph and post by Monday. I received shipments this week of a lot of new fibers, now posted at my Etsy shop. I'll be thinking over the weekend about the next few weavings.

Here's an interesting piece I did just a few years ago -- a hand knit shawl out of hand dyed, hand spun silk, then beaded along both short edges.

Originally the shawl was more of a scarf, narrower and quite a bit longer than I had envisioned. So, being the perfectionist I am, after it was finished, I completely ripped it out and started over again! Same pattern, only wider, and the finished piece shorter than the original, although still a healthy six feet.

I'm slowly knitting a scarf for my beau, a complex pattern of 32 different rows. So it's impossible to just sit down and knit. I have to mark each row as I complete it, so it's more of a project and less of something to just pick up when I have a few moments. And then there's BeeGee, my yarn freak, always pawing at or running off with the yarn as it advances...makes it difficult to get anything knit up these days!


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