Rainy Day Saturday

Many thanks to my friend Sue O'Kieffe for the awards she bestowed on me this morning and for her continual support of my blogging voyage.

I'm not sure about the etiquette, but I guess it was okay to save and copy these images to my blog.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm loving blogging, Thank You Sue!, and I wish I had even more energy than I do to make and photograph stuff to show you all.

But lest you think I'm on vacation from being creative, I will today finish two simple scarves I've just woven with handspun yarns, and I am finally completing that huge dye sample project over the next day or two. I'm currently spinning up the bamboo/silk and cotton/silk samples I dyed yesterday with acid dyes -- and will complete the natural dyeing on Monday. Next week, sometime, I'll post photos and my narrative results from the whole process.

Have a good weekend, all!


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