Textural Simplicity

I'm working on this new woven piece...very simple, plain weave, using two hand dyed, hand spun yarns, both made from silk hankies. It's darn near impossible to get the actual colors represented here...actually the weft is a brown/black/chartreuse heather, and the warp is a brown/green/red/turquoise heather.

I've had buyers of my textiles ask for smaller scarves -- 7 inches x 58 or 60 inches -- the kind of thing they can wear with a nice blazer. And in the past couple years I've been making larger pieces, more like shawls or big scarves you can wrap a couple times around your neck. So I'm experimenting with some smaller pieces.

And I've had it in my mind to try simple weaves with knock-out yarns, fairly loosely woven. So this is the first one of these. It's working up quickly so I hope to be onto the next one in a day or two.


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