In Other News...

For the umpteenth time, the other day I gazed at that bucket full of hand stitched and pole wrapped fabrics that have been waiting for TWO years to be dyed or discharged, the bucket that's been sitting out in my shed so I don't have to see it every day.  And I decided to begin attacking it, slowly.  Starting with the easy stuff, discharging.

These are two pieces of wonderful linen with a beautiful hand, both hand stitched.  The piece on the left was discharged with bleach, the one on the right with thiox (thiourea dioxide with soda ash).  Each piece is about 20 x 28 inches (the fabric off the bolt was 56 inches wide).  My original intention was to use these for an art quilt, but I have my doubts about whether that will happen now.  At any rate, they're finished now, so I can cross them off that laundry list of fabric to be processed.

Fortunately, when I prepped all that fabric, I marked each piece with my intended method of processing.  I guess I foresaw that it might take me a good while to get to them, if at all.  The pieces to be dyed, however, will require a bit more work at this point.  Decisions will have to be made.  A few will be acid dyed, the others with fiber reactive dyes.  I think that exercise was likely meant to be my last hurrah in shibori.

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