Outside My Comfort Zone

This is one of two pieces I completed for Extreme Comp lesson five ~ I may post the other in a few days.  The size of this is 12 x 16 inches.

The instructions were to work on a large sheet of paper (Jane used 18 x 24" sheets for this but I don't have the room to work that big), lay down something in the background (here, the blue and green scraped paint), work in two separate areas that have been masked around (there were two six-inch squares of marks somewhere in that mess), then tie it all together.

This was really challenging for me and I almost didn't complete the lesson.  Working this big and with this many elements is not something I would likely ever do on my own.  But, it's good to stretch oneself.  So I did it despite my recalcitrance.

The best use of big work like this, in my opinion, is to cut it up and use for postcards, ATCs, or even just smaller paintings.  This piece is on 80# drawing paper, so after chopping it up I'll mount the pieces on heavier paper with PVA.


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