On With Their Heads!

Made another batch of stamp-head ATCs last weekend.  All the background images are from late 1960s issues of the Saturday Evening Post.  The ads are the best.

A few more postal observations from my last pass through my stamp collection...and now I've got all the heads pulled out and organized by color in their own tiny baggies ~
  • 90 percent or more of the heads are of men.  It will likely always be a man's world, despite the fact that I'm definitely ready for women to run the world;
  • maybe 75 or 80 percent of the heads face stage right (our left); 
  • a lot of the men look angry, but I guess that comes with the territory if you're trying to live up to your rep as a fierce world leader. 
I've got yet another batch of images and stamps ready to go.  But also many other projects on my list of things to do once Extreme Composition is complete.  Yesterday I finished the first lesson-6 project, which was actually optional, and will start on the meat of the lesson today.


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