Transparent Too

Two more transparency-overlaid collages.
Here's my take on working with deli paper and tissue paper ~ Deli paper is much sturdier, easier to work on by and large, and appears more translucent than transparent when applied over a substrate.  Tissue paper is quite fragile, especially when being applied onto a substrate with matte medium, accepts ink better than deli paper because it is porous, and appears more transparent after final application.  In other words, they both have their uses.

A reader asked yesterday about deli paper being available in other countries.  I suggest checking out restaurant supply shops or wholesale clubs that cater to businesses as well as Costco or the like.  Or stop into your local cafe or bistro or grocery store and find out where they get theirs.

Regarding tissue paper, many people insist on using "art tissue paper," meaning it was purchased from an art supply house (like Dick Blick) that touts it as being better/stronger/whatever.  But I've had just as good results from Dollar Tree white tissue paper.  In fact, the latter might be just a bit stronger.  I can say this, now that I'm using up a batch that I got from Dick Blick last year.  It's really not any better than the dollar store stuff.


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